Orange Awakening Mints


Enjoyable | For the cannabis connoisseur unwilling to sacrifice on taste
100mg Per Pack


Buy Orange Awakening Mints Online. Orange Awakening Mints are the ideal mint for you if you’re looking for an energy boost throughout the day or just simply looking to brighten up your day. Each mint is precisely dosed, making them ideal for micro-dosing and experimenting with. They are handy to use for gauging your tolerance level but be careful with them as these gummies can be quite potent for beginners or experienced users. The discreet design of the packaging allows them to be both portable and easily hidden, so they can be taken to work or college if you feel like you need a bit of an energy boost. The fastest way for the high to kick in is to dissolve the mint under your tongue. The packaging is child-proof, to stop young children from getting into them. Dixie mints are tested three times in a lab to ensure consistency and quality.


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